Rush, TNT, Nitrates, Liquid Gold

Legal (due to change soon)

£3 – £5 per bottle


  • Poppers are a chemical from a group called alkyl nitrates.
  • Poppers are extremely toxic if swallowed.
  • They are popular in the rave scene/club culture.
  • Fumes are inhaled to give a short, intense head high.
  • Poppers speed up your heart rate and give you a very intense “headrush”.
  • Poppers can make your skin itch and even burn if you get them on you.
  • Poppers can cause severe headaches and heart palpitations which is when your heart doesn’t beat in rhythm.
  • Using poppers puts a strain on your heart and if you have pre-existing heart conditions you should not take poppers.
  • Poppers can lower your immune system which means you are more likely to become ill or get sick more often.
  • Poppers should not be mixed with alcohol and other drugs.
  • Poppers should be sniffed and NEVER swallowed. You can die from swallowing them!
  • Poppers are highly flammable so don’t use them near any source of fire.
  • Poppers can make you very dizzy and faint if you sniff too much. If you are using them make sure you are sat down to prevent injuries from falling over.
  • Poppers can cause burns and irritation if they come into contact with skin.  If you get any on your skin you should rinse it immediately with water.