Glue, Gas, Sniff, Whippets, NOS, Nitrous, Laughing Gas

Legal (However shops can refuse to sell to under 18’s)

Varies depending on substance


  • Can kill instantly.
  • Can cause brain damage.
  • They are very unpredictable.
  • Tolerance does not reduce risk.
  • Seek advice immediately if using/ thinking of using.
  • Effects of inhalants/solvents don’t last very long and usually have an impact on the lungs.
  • Damage can be done to your liver, kidney, lung and throat.
  • Using solvents a lot can make the throat swell which is very dangerous as this can cause serious difficulties with your breathing.
  • Long term solvent use can cause damage to your nerves which can affect your judgement and can cause dizziness which may lead to accidents.
  • Brain damage can also be caused due to not enough oxygen getting to the brain.
  • Inhalant/solvent use can kill immediately as the heart can fail.  You can also suffocate if using a bag to take it.
  • There are no safe ways to use volatile substances. 
    Death can occur instantly regardless of previous use, tolerance, environment or amount used.
  • If you are using, or thinking of using inhalants/solvents you should seek advice immediately.
  • Inhalants/solvents should not be mixed with any other substances.
  • They should never be used when alone.
  • Avoid areas risky areas, such as near water or on bridges.
  • They should never be used near a naked flame.
  • Aerosols should not be squirted directly into the mouth.
  • Exercise after using volatile substances must be avoided as vigorous activity can cause the heart to stop.
  • They should never be used in bed/under bedding.