As the chosen young person’s drug and alcohol charity for Bury, Rochdale and East Lancashire, we wanted to launch a national campaign aimed at combating the issues associated with drug and alcohol abuse among many young people in the UK.

Our Don’t Be a Zombie campaign plugs a key communication gap – a lack of online platforms to engage and educate young people about the effects of drugs and alcohol.

After carrying out research we decided to create a microsite that was:

  • Mobile-friendly, meaning it can be easily viewed on mobile devices
  • Highly creative, interactive, fun and engaging
  • Creditable to young people and encourage them to actively talk with their peers strengthening its message and purpose

Dan and Shakila from Early Break have led on the project from conception and would like to thank all of the young people and staff who have been involved with and helped with the development and design process. Feedback from young people on a site for young people is invaluable and we hope strengthens its message and purpose.

We wanted to create a highly engaging campaign and held focus groups with young people in the initial stages to gauge their reactions on their preferred design styles and imagery.

Once we’d decided upon our approach, the expertise of influential illustrator and graffiti artist, Samuel Vizor, was called upon to really bring the campaign to life. This involved Sam sketching images of zombies.

Samuel Vizor illustrated the zombies to show the effects of drugs and alcohol on their bodies by using a highly visual design style and juxtaposition fluorescent colouring.

Make then used its specialist design and development skills to animate the zombies and their interiors to better highlight the effects of abuse on the zombies’ bodies.

We wanted to ensure our microsite was as easy as possible for young people to access, which is why the digital design needed to be mobile-friendly.

Having a mobile-first design enables our target audience to visit the site regardless of whether they’re viewing it via their PCs, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.